How to Become a Young Living Member


I’m so excited you’re ready to get on board : )  This post will show you everything you need to know about how to sign up to be a wholesale member.  As you sign up, know that when you become a member with Young Living you are signing up for a personal membership. You are never required to “sell” oils or “host parties”.  You can use this membership to just purchase your own products.

If you decide that you want to start a Young Living business – just let me know! But to just get started with your membership, follow the instructions below…

Ready to become a member?

If you know you’re ready, you can click below – if you need help with instructions/ordering, just follow the images below!

Where you begin

To become a Young Living member you need to select the “Member” box to ensure you get the 24% off retail price.  Not only that, but this membership allows you to access educational tools through Young Living but also you can have Essential Rewards {think: Monthly Wellness Box} and more! BUT! You’re never required to “host parties” or “do the business”. Over 90% of Members use their account for personal use only.

Your Upline

When you click the link right from my website it will automatically put in my member number. This means you will be part of my team! I am so excited to have you on board.  I’m here to help educate you on this new, enhanced journey to wellness.

Young Living is also an international organization! So whether you live in the United States, Canada, Japan, England or beyond, you can be a Young Living member!

Your Membership Info

This is a pretty easy section. I always recommend leaving the email communication on so you can know about promotions both through  Young Living and our team.  It is also helpful if you ever need customer service help.

Information

Create your sign in info!  I always recommend picking a PIN number that is easy to remember and not “top secret” If you ever need help on your account you’ll have to share that with me and/or customer service to help with what you need. Choosing the last 4 numbers of your cell phone is always great!

Terms and Conditions:

Just check, “I have read and agree to the terms of the Young Living Essential Oils Member Agreement.”

Choose your Starter Kit

Most new members start out with choose a diffuser with their Premium Starter Kit – the NingXia Red PSK and Thieves PSK are also great places to start if you’re looking to improve overall health or if you want to “ditch and switch” your household cleaners!

Essential Rewards

 You will also have the option to start the Essential Rewards program. This is a great program with many benefits including discounted shipping and free products. You are not obligated to sign up for Essential Rewards. If you are not interested in Essential Rewards you can skip it.

Either way – just click the “Next” button


Once you hit the “Next” button, if you don’t choose to start Essential Rewards a window will pop-up asking if you want to proceed without it. Click “Proceed To Checkout” button.

Shipping and Billing

Select your preferred shipping method, double check your shipping address and enter your billing information. (Billing Information will stay on file and you can automatically use this card for future purchases.)

That’s a wrap!

Just confirm your enrollment summary and click the “Activate and Place Order” button. Your membership will stay active as long as you spend at least 50PV in a calendar year.

So now you’re a member! I’m so excited for you – you can do awesome things such as visit any Young Living farm!

Ready to become a member?

If you know you’re ready, you can click below – if you need help with instructions/ordering, just follow the images below!